Wednesday, September 07, 2022

vote PH to take the lead for changes


Don't trust the wolves

Don't ever allow them near

They will stab you at the back

Lick your wounds and smile

The country can't progress effectively

Because of the wrong ways used till today

The road of a race will not cut to win

Still a race never want to learn the lessons

Look at city state South of the border

Cut off and let to fend for herself

With her good leaders and foresights

The city state flourishes beyond our dreams

Leaving us so far behind

Does a race learn from it?

No the leaders feel green eyes

They dig deeper to protect their own

And so the nation can't grow economically

They steal the country's wealth

For themselves and cronies

The supporters get the crumbs

GE15 kick these parties out

Don't ever let them come close

They are corrupt only thinking for themselves

The nation doesn't support these leaders

Vote PH to take the lead for changes

This is the party would make the difference

We need to change the political systems

We need to change the agencies too

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