Sunday, September 11, 2022

give the nation another hit song


The ringgit sliding down

The lowest in the last 24 years

It tells us something

The back door is clueless

It will be good for export and tourism

The low exchange rate will attract foreign tourists

But in the pandemic it will be slow climbing up

Don't tell us our economic fundamentals are good

The turtle man stays quiet

He is busy funding MARA

Using the tax money

A one way share for a race

His puppet master is plotting for GE15

The country's economy and exchange rate in back door

Because the turtle man is clueless about economy

The puppet master wants him to move away

The people have suffered enough

The low economy and unemployment

Finding hard to survive on a daily basis

Still facing Covid19 mutations

In GE15 the voters must rise up

Give the nation another hit song

Let PH return to complete its term

The plan for the nation to progress

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