Wednesday, September 28, 2022

in public interest appeal files in


The Attorney General files his appeal

On the recent case of the chief wolf acquittal

The public wanted COA to look deeply into it

The case shouldn't be acquitted on technicality

The HC judge gave his reasons

There are ways for the AG to argue for it

In the court of COA there will be change

It is unlikely the chief wolf can escape

The millions had transferred by hands

The witnesses will not simply say to look good

There will be perjury to themselves

They aren't that stupid to entrap in it

There are merits for the appeal

The judge couldn't say he doesn't believe it

Ask the givers how they did the transfer

The defendant didn't rebut the handover

Now we will watch the COA judges

How they will comb the judgement

How the AG will argue on the case

The public will wait for the good news

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