Wednesday, September 07, 2022

crying crocodile tears but no sorry


Mama Rosie

Admit your wrong

Life will be easy

You will not live in fear

The judge found you guilty

Yet you don't have a heart to say sorry

You still believe you didn't do wrong

Without income but could spend millions!

Mama Rosie

You still have your pending cases

Don't you think it's time to plead guilty?

You don't have to waste the court time

You need to get a good look in the mirror

You will realize what you did would bring you

The preacher told you don't do the wrong

It will bring you to the darkness where you will fall

Mama Rosie

Crying crocodile tears

Feeling no remorse or sorry

The playing days will be over now

Mama Rosie

There will be no sympathy

You will be punished in jail

Live it and don't fail the sentence

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