Tuesday, September 13, 2022

the bad mustn't allow to return


The wolves

The solid walls breached years ago

The crumbling walls came crushing down

They got the scars and bruises

Now they have the role

By the back door they cooperated

Though they didn't admit it

But the partners supported the wolves

The scandals emerged to the public

There is no denying the event of LCS

The wolf leaders involved in it

The agencies drag their feet

There is another one

Quite a huge one involving $29.3 billion in debts

The company parked under MOF

But where are projects or billions just gone?

The back door leaders keep quiet

The agencies heads do not say

An NGO demands answer of the $29 billion debts

It can't be lost without anything to show?

The wolves are staring in defeat

They mustn't allow to return to the stage

Enough of their snakes and ladders game

The voters must send them to the dark pit

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