Thursday, September 15, 2022

let bee anne fall in the dark pit


Bee Anne will not fly

Too much heavy loads of bad vibes

The decades it had accumulated

It lost in 9 May 2018

The party now in back door

Yet the leaders refused to say

In minority but still sounds arrogance

Wanting to rule by themselves

Once a giant falls

It will be hard for him to get up

He will get the knocks many times

Because of the frustration on the ground

Bee Anne should study history

Of political parties who fell and disappeared

Some managed to hang on but has no influence

The people remembered the bad vibrations

Bee Anne main players

They will suffer in humiliation defeat

Currently they are supporting the jailed bird

Indirectly on greed and corruption

Let Bee Anne fall in the dark pit

Let the leaders sit and reflect their roles

The public services for the nation and people

It isn't for self interests, needs and power

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