Sunday, June 16, 2024

the crooks in banks


Saving and deposits in banks

Many will believe it will be very safe

Nobody can withdraw it

Without the necessary documents and signatures

This was the truth in the old days

Instead of keeping it at home

The monies in banks could earn interest

Some would not have to work at all

Now the security will be breached

Saving and deposits can be withdrawn

By inside job working with crime syndicate

Those monies can be disappeared

All through transfers

The customers will not know

Until they receive notifications

By then the monies will be gone

The recent case by the police

A total of $24.2 million was withdrawn

The police said it was inside job

Several people were arrested

It shows every customer should stay notice

How the funds are withdrawn without consent

The banks should keep a tight security check

As it is shown the banks have to perform more

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