Thursday, June 20, 2024

the competitive ranking


The competitive ranking

It is that important to any country?

It is like a busybody and apple polishing

The government should think hard on economy

The internal economy should jump up

It is where the good feeling will rise

This is where the people can feel it

When they are good everything will fall in

The exports have gone up

It shows something positive is moving

The government shouldn't waste time replying

Of a competitive ranking drop

As long as the government is firmed and united

The music of songs will reach out in melody

Everyone will listen to it in the air

The good vibrations on economy

The opposition should come out with suggestions

No use shouting at the side road showing lack of understanding

Why a country drops its ranking in competitiveness?

It isn't just one factor contributing to its fall

Find ways to jump up the economy

Internal and export markets

As long as the economy is moving

Why worry about competitive ranking?

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