Monday, June 10, 2024

old man


Old Man

On the bench

Looking at the fading lights

On the sky

Thinking about his life

Once young full of energy

Telling truth and lies

Listening to his melodies

Once he was young

He could run in his wild life

He couldn't care about religion

To him it is just full of lies

He wanted to play in his life

The offer of full swinging time

He couldn't have enough

He was high on his free rides

Old Man

Ogling at the beauties walking by

He can smile to them

But he can't do much now

He looks at his wrist-watch

It's time to walk home

Leaving his melodies of reflection

As he takes a slow walk

Old Man

He remembers the song

Wild horses” ringing in his mind

He looks at the beauties and waves

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