Monday, June 24, 2024

langkawi islands in economic woes


The conservative rules by the opposition states

The tourism industry will hit into the hollowness

It can't be restricted to Muslim only tourists

Langkawi Islands will cry for the years to come

The tourism players and hotel operators

They have to face the stark reality

The island will not be pulling tourists

Locals or foreigners to spend the tourism dollars

The islanders shouldn't cry now

They voted the crocodiles to rule

Be prepared to suffer economic losses

As it is Langkawi Islands is facing economic woes

Now under crocodiles management

The Kedahans shouldn't cry or complain

They want to go to heaven

They forget to enjoy paradise

If they can't make it in paradise

They will not be welcome in heaven

If they can't solve problem A

Going to solve B will be more difficult

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