Monday, June 10, 2024

the preachers


The preachers

Of the many faith here

Know the rules in your head

Don't go making false claims

Don't try to be a prophet

There is none in this world

All came and gone in the past centuries

There will be no new one to tell us

Don't try to say

Hell and heaven

It's only light and dark

As we observe everyday

Don't try to claim

This is the religion of God

We have so many appealing to many

Written by men to tell stories

It can't be living

In “Hotel California”

Once you walk in

You can't get out of it

The preachers

Your truth may be wrong

When you go on the one way street

The sins will keep you in the wrong way

Let each person decide

The road he wants to walk on it

Let no busybodies trying to force him

It will be a sin to tell lies and using bad tactics

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