Monday, June 17, 2024

don't let the bad leaders rule


World War 3

The people of the world

Feeling the heat rising

Watching with fear in their eyes

Russia is threatening

Targeting in Europe

Currently still at war

On her border still losing it

Israel and Middle East

The warring clashes still splashes

The bombs and deaths rising

The peace solution isn't arriving

China is intimidating

The small surrounding countries

Using her navy to patrol the disputed sea

Clashes may be an excuse

In Taiwan sea

China flexes her muscles

The military overbearing on Taiwan

China claims right of control

The toxic or extremist preachers

Rising the heat of false narratives

Pushing the limit on religious faith

Causing chaos in the minds

World War 3

We had 2 bad world wars

Don't let a third one fly

It may cause us the gloom

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