Saturday, June 22, 2024

the deep rooted issues


The country deep rooted issues

It will not be easily solved by unity government

As the current ministers do play a part before

Playing Santa Claus to the cause of our pain

Corruption is high on the list

The easy take without a pain in the mind

The short cut of living to experience it

About jail sentence it can wait

The bad politicians will drive in

Creating issues on 2R to serve their interests

They will not try hard to raise the economy of interests

They just want to take during their term holding positions

The racial harmony will take a back seat

As the bad politicians will try to cook up the heat

It is only to ring for their own interests

In the past on the divide and rule game

Renaissance man knows the issues

He was part of the blame game in the past

Now he has to redo the bad policies

But he seems reluctant to get it done quickly

So here we stand today

The divide and rule still lock in

UG leaders still walking slowly

But the national debt isn't sleeping

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