Monday, December 13, 2010

anwar didn't do it!

Information gathered true or false
It shakes the governments
And the personalities involved

On Anwar Ibrahim
Singapore is afraid
Of a guy who could take
The hard knocks throw at him

It was merely a rumour
Spread it out through enemies in the police
Maybe directed by a group of vested interested officers
To plug Anwar once again

As the trials had shown
Many silly blocks shackled
The AG and the judge
What game they play?

Once I argued with my police brother in law
He was confident Anwar sodomized Azizan Abu Bakar
With all the evidence the police had then
Why so stupid I say?

Anwar could find so many in Chow Kit Road
Along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman for a fee
He had the power he could just summon
Somebody would come and be merry

But with his wife driver?
He couldn't have done it
So I was right after so many years
I felt good till today

For the second sodomy
It is on the same script
Saiful got affairs with a woman DPP
Like Azizan Saiful escaped charges

Now the delayed tactics
There is no case just to embarrassed Anwar
As long as the case drags it on
Ameeno wants it this way

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