Thursday, December 09, 2010

young muslim girls got married

Two Young Brides

Young Muslim girls got married
What they do about family?
School going children
They hardly know about life

Muslim girls parents married them
To the guys don't they know the social problems?
What do these girls know about family?
Too young to get married too young to know

In Islam it is the mature of minds
Unless these girls are matured to understand
What life will be marrying young?
Too young to get married social problems arise

The Muslim parents where are your roles?
Allowing your daughters so young to get married
From the pan to the fire you make them
They are just too young to get married

It was reported nearly 16,000 girls got married
The guys dream of virgin girls come true
Are all these girls matured of minds?
What they know of sex and married lives?

Don't use religion to satisfy a lust
A young girl shouldn't be sold or married
The parents have failed in their roles
What are they thinking marrying daughters so young?

They are too young to get married
They are too young to know.....
Many still in schools learning the ropes
And they become mothers too young to understand

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