Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the boulevard subang jaya 1

borrowed from jazmyn@flickr.com

Up on the high apartment living
Of 24 storey high trying to reach the clouds
The lift just takes within minutes
Rising high with a feeling of no gravity

Looking out from the balcony
The track of railway lines
The vehicles on the Federal Highway
And the smog and haze in the sky

On the lake of green
The rubbish plastics on the side lake
Stuck there for ages
Where are the cleaners?

The windy breezes reaching high
Feel it floating to the balcony
With it the dust from the outlaying areas
It needs mopping a daily affair

The place of Boulevard Subang Jaya
Two security check points easy for the residents
The intruders will be kept at close range
With security guards running 24 hours a day

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