Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the boulevard at subang jaya 2

The walkabout at Boulevard
On the ground floor reaching the park
The windy wind flowing the trail
Reaching the iron gate

The key pass can't be used
The automatic gadget out of service
Walked to the guard for assistance
He manually tried a few times the gate opened

On the pavements to the lake
The green algae formations
The plastic bottles throwing by irresponsible people
It makes the lake losing her charm

On the ground it leaves marks of flooding
Possibly during heavy downpour
When the lake over flow with water
There are traces of the overflow

Saw a woman and her dog
Sitting under the shade smiling at her
I guessed she allowed her dog to poo
Without bringing her plastic bag to scoop

The mentality of pet owners
Majority just dump the poo
On the public places from the dogs
They walk away responsibility forget

The park never keeps in good mood
It seems neglected and unwanted
A good view to the lake yet of the upkeep
It sparks of no interest by the building managers

Later walked out through another open iron gate
Onto the road park with cars though on yellow lines
Walked by the pavement to return to Boulevard
Through the security point no question asked...

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