Thursday, December 16, 2010

puncak inn

puncak inn fraser's hill by md

The Puncak Inn of my time
When it was built back in the 70s
Not many inputs was planned
It was build to cater for the budget tourists

It has become an eye sore
At the centre of the town
It really spoils the natural scenery
A layer cut concrete building

Now changes had been done
On the pictures I had seen
Some minor adjustments
Hopefully the rooms too

I stayed there until the early 80s
Seen much of the spoils done on the hill
At one point you could see the mist at the Gap
As developments came the misty flow gone too

Though it brought back memories
Of the years I stayed on the hill
Through the middle 70s right to early 80s
It was the best place to jam with quiet solitude

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