Tuesday, December 28, 2010

i say watch your back yards

Backyard Flooding

Ameeno wants to mount assault on Selangor and FT
Searching for ways to take back the lost seats
Brewing up words hotly debated by its leaders
I say watch your back yards

When the intelligence reduced to rubbish
Telling the people lopsided funding
This isn't the way for the way forward
You are just petty leaders thinking of your own

I say watch your back yards
Ameeno leaders before you plan to win back the states
You can't do it for a while until you own up your sins
Too many have been said and recorded in the Web

So the black knight and Mohawkdin
The camouflages have been seen
You don't realize it do you?
Drumming up arrogance on the beats

The Rakyat will want change
Say what you want...
In the long schemes of events
The government must change!

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