Sunday, December 12, 2010

dont get married so young

Don't get married so young
Do you know the road of married life?
Do you understand the roles you will play?
What make you think you can at age so young?

You want to get married
You don't know the roles you will play
Living for your man you think it is easy
Juggling school works, house works and a husband

You think you can ask your mother
When things gone wrong in your life
When girls of your age should be free
Learn the rope of an education

Don't get married so young
You will fail in years to come
When you open up your mind
The world isn't about your man

You want to plunge into it
You think you are ready
Even ways of sex you hardly know
What satisfaction you will bring?

Babies dumping aren't the issue
Why married so young when you aren't ready
The life isn't about your man
It is about you...

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