Thursday, December 09, 2010

the pot of golden fleece

its golden fleece

We all Malaysians
In politics racism shouldn't prevail
If it does as it happens now
Where will be the journey unfold?

Elected Members of Parliament
They have the rights to be appointed as Ministers
Race shouldn't be the criteria for each post
It should be the best candidate for the job

We want to progress
Yet racial issues keep coming back
Taunting the nation of many races
What is the agenda?

Together we progress
Build the nation glory in our eyes
Why keep running to racism?
Have we no confidence with fellow Malaysians?

Even rulers seem to sing
The same tune once again
They forgot what happened
When ameeno clipped their wings

The bottom line
The pot of golden fleece
Shining bright into the dark sky
It has to share with all fellow citizens

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