Thursday, December 09, 2010

what they dont understand?


What they don't understand?
Malaysian or race in your mind?
This is the racist problem
Divide and rule; master and servant

Every cake wants it all
They think they own it
They will cry with crocodile tears
Throwing tantrums no matter where

Just stop a moment to think
This is the blessed country for all
The country every one calls it home
Why make it so difficult?

We want to challenge the world
Tell the global community look at us
A country of goodwill fair and equal
Challenging the world for the economic pie

What are the racists do?
Village champions feeling high on the bicycles
The eyes are so narrow they can't see beyond
The Rolls Royce gleaming in the distance

Which part you don't understand?
Village economic or world riches?
Unity we will enrich ourselves
Disunity the fall from grace

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