Friday, December 17, 2010

corrupted leaders give corrupted administration

Corrupted leaders give corrupted administration
This is the way it will be working in our lives
We vote for a government to help us manage the country
Instead these corrupted leaders carry up their own agendas

The rule of the game of the corrupted regimes
Feed the electorates with crumbs poison fear into their minds
Tell them the disasters of untested party to run the governments
Between the devil you know and the devil you don't choose one you know

With all the political speeches telling the subtle messages
These leaders make the gestures and promises to give a better way
Instead they go back doors installed guards at the front doors
Let no others arrive to poke into their illegal affairs

These party leaders will do whatever is necessary
The game of staying power by all means in their disposals
They have tasted the flesh of power in their hands
As greed wields into their minds and desirable needs

These leaders will think of ways to entrench their power base
Even to the extend of cheating and manipulation to stay....
Now they use 3Rs to garner support for their aging egos
In case every one forgets – race, religion and rights

Whatever they think and devise to stay on the throne
The time has come; the change of guards will arrive
In history of our times it always happens.............
The current parties have stayed too long committing too many sins

The people want change quickly
For the world will keep changing
The neighbouring nations will fight for progress
We are still stroking the old cultures of 3Rs

It's time for a new chapter
The 21st century of a new government
The GE13 will be the gateway of change
The voters tasted it now for full course meals

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