Friday, December 17, 2010

the natural resources

The natural resources
Bless the country getting it
Once it is lying dormant
The aborigines never hear

They live by the land
The rivers, streams and jungle
They carrying out activities
Friendly and nurturing the environment

Imagine life then is a bliss
The natural order taking shape
Occasionally head hunting trips
The warring factions the mind of good and evil

In time new people arrived
They brought with them weapons and new ides
The old ways of doing things disappeared
The aborigines were colonized

A new wave of head hunting expeditions
Exploring the country for natural resources
The gems burying deep on the land
Finally it was found riches came to plenty

It shared amongst the people
The division was kept people got their dues
The smart ones got richer and prosper
The weak ones worked hard dying poor

Yet they did contribute
The progress of the nation
Years of blindness of the country's wealth
The thieves played politics took most of it

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