Monday, December 13, 2010

the mentakab bungalow

short cut from Mentakab bungalow view golf course

The Mentakab Bungalow
Two units on the exclusive slope
The quiet with natural vegetation
With closed up walk way

There was an open space
An open field for playing games
Sometimes for relaxation under the big trees
The shadows flow in the night

At times it was said
Ghosts color roaming amongst the trees
At night the tricks of many eyes
The love affairs and broken hearts

The gradual gradient on short cut
Dropping to the tar road
Trees and bushes surrounded
Sometimes hearing grunts of wild boars

Yet at night it looked intimidating
Of the moonlit shadows play
The weak confidence afraid of ghosts
It played in the mind as you climb

Now the footprints gone
A new structure apartment was born
Rearing it up on the old
A tourist holiday's apartments

Maybe the whispering
Of those who came and gone
Rustling through trees and branches
“Hey once I was there!”

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