Monday, December 20, 2010

crocodile attacks

Morelet's Crocodile 002: Kyle's Smile
South of the border in Mexico to Panama, you'll find Morelet's Crocodiles. They get to be about 9' to 11' in length. Kyle here is about 6' long right now. Yes, crocodiles are also in South America, not just Africa and Australia. More people are killed around the world in a year by crocodiles than any 10 years of recorded shark attacks. Fresh water just got a little less safe.

A Malay man died
Ate into half by a crocodile
Alone fishing by the river
Food for crocodiles food for men

The river flow camouflages with dark colors
The predators hiding in the cool water
Patiently waiting for the meals to appear
On a day when complacency brings disaster

Fishing for food
On the river known for crocodiles
One should have known living in the area
One wrong move a life was lost

The bite and the scream
Like the whispering wind
Splashes in the river
Within minutes a life is gone

Leaving his wife in sorrow
His children lost a father
Sometimes it is fate
Sometimes want to save money

A life just gone
Into the river of crocodiles
Lurking patiently for victims
One wrong move goodbye life!

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