Monday, December 20, 2010

learn the mistakes live life

Suicides aren't the way
When broken affairs and bad debts
Raising the devilish smile in your heads
Say you make a bad decision

Learn the mistakes
Life isn't a rosy bed
You must know about the thorns
Pointedly sharp waiting for its preys

You want to fly
Banishing gravity in your mind
Once you do you think you will?
Flapping wings airborne in the sky

The devilish smile
Then the devil disappears
Letting you holding the ball
You realize it is too late

The gravity pulls you down
The falling hard to the ground
You scream without a voice
You forget you just can't fly

On the ground you realize
You can't escape your failures
You make others suffering your pain
You dropping tears and regrets

It is too late now
The devil takes you away
Believing in him spinning lies
Now in chain you can't escape

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