Saturday, December 04, 2010

the dirt in the open

The dirt in the open
The main newspapers dare not report
The silence on the pages
No news is good news?

The black knight gallops
On the dark narrow jungle
Guiding his horse seeking refuge
In his dreams he hopes he gets it

The forces of light gathering
Pushing for change as they know
Without it the nation will be sold
The debts of the nation soaring high

Now the song spins
“Killing me softly with prices increase”
Telling the people go stretch your money
Then the government spends lavishly

The AG and his affairs
One sided persecutions to serve his master
When news broke out in the web world
He keeps quiet and so with the main newspapers

The birds of a feather
They fly together seeking refuge
Covering each other for better or worst
And the people better wake up soon

The crumbling of an empire
In history the lines sound familiar
Time the people take it back
For the nation she can't wait in the darkness

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