Friday, December 24, 2010

the corporate losses

The corporate losses
The senior managers to blame?
The Board of Directors must share equally
With the tacit approval of projects by the Board

What are the protections the employees have?
Of such losses when the company initiate legal moves
To recover the losses suffered in the hands of these managers
Is this the way the corporate world turning?

Is this a test case of corporate entity?
A separate body manages by the senior managers
When losses occur every one should be held responsible
The Board, Management and Staff

Now every CEO should learn
Get the minutes approved before embarking on projects
Protect yourself by company's insurance
It isn't a game to fight for a living

In business losses and profits part of the game
Of how good a person can push the limits in pursuing goals
Of the companies entrusted to mangers to run
If there is a dark cloud of legal moves over losses who can work?

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