Monday, December 13, 2010

our money our taxes

Our money our taxes
Yet Bee Anne never handles equally
Funding only through their own members
Leaving the opposition with nothing

It is our money
Paying through taxes
There shouldn't be discrimination
Yet the mouth of Ameeno says otherwise

We are in the Federation
All development funds must be treated equally
It is our money not yours Bee Anne
You hold the purse strings for the people

Slogan of 1Malaysia
At best a ploy to fool the people
Once we were yesterday's fools
Now we know our rights

You can't dish out kampong politics
The time has moved so have the people
Using discriminating tactics doesn't work
The polls the voters will punish the party

Bee Anne know the rules
We are Malaysians why the double standards?
1Malaysia is just a fool slogan
Many cronies just jump into the wagon

The people are waiting
The branch of Bee Anne politics
It isn't going to bring progress
For the people, country and challenging the world

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