Wednesday, December 29, 2010

pakatan selangor dissolves state assembly

Pakatan Selangor
Don't wait for the worst
The players are set to play
Through the back door again

You have the mandate
The people expected you to play
Don't feel you are the captain
The black knight will not let it be

He knows he tasted the success
The Perak Pakatan fell through back door
Don't let it happen to you
The state secretary playing a role

Now the palace seems to get involved
The way the new state secretary is handled
By ignoring the people's elected government
The ruler should be wise and fair...........

It is the back door
Oh Pakatan Selangor!
Listen to the drum beats
The demons can't sleep in peace

It is better to dissolve the State Assembly
Quickly move your targets before it is too late
The black knight can't sleep in peace
The demonic dreams upsetting him....

Go now fix the loopholes
You have the mandate do it quickly
For the demons will not sleep peacefully
They want the gravy train.....

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