Wednesday, December 08, 2010

the rumblings before the fall

The wealth diminishing
The gravy train is running slowly
The many greedy ones trying to undercut
The best and fittest shall be the winner

There are limited resources
Dividing amongst the members
So the nonperforming ones should go
Leaving the pool for the few to share

Ameeno has the dream of numbers
It's leaders think they can go alone
As one Malacca CM arrogantly said
The minnows just kept quiet tails between the legs

MCA wants to live
It's leaders know the gambling pit
The snakes hissing while they try
Playing pokers chasing for a life

Yet the gambling doesn't work out
It falls flat as ameeno refuses to accept
The game of the coalition only on paper
It's best MCA quit stay out of politics

It's leaders should sit back
Counting the ways they have gone wrong
Back to the board and think of a new plan
With the coalition ameeno takes them for show

Now ameeno feels the numbers growing
Direct membership to its power ready plan
Without MCA ameeno feels it can survive
Will MCA recognize the lady Macbeth?

The Gulliver's travels
The giant will fall
With little people united
Nothing will stop them

MCA look in the mirror
What it is for you?
Years of collaborations
Ameeno treats you second best

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