Sunday, December 12, 2010

defence spending



Defence spending
Know the procurements
What really needed for the country
For support services or preparing for invasions

No doubt it costs billions
Proper study on future defence spending
It isn't a toy play don't want throw it away
The country defence needs must study in depth

As we have read
Somebody along the chains
The undercut and uppercut reign
Just buy without really knowing the needs

Look at our latest purchases
Submarines can't float costing millions to service
It is this wastage we can't afford to knock into costs
Somebody in defence never doing his homework

With ameeno it is the line of gravy train
Running like clockwork on the tracks
How many millions to feed its hungry cronies
Besides crumbs for some dogs barking

Of course the country needs defence
With the latest equipments and airplanes
With sound and skilled arm forces
Patrolling the coasts and forests

It is the wastage causing anger
Buying substandard products charging inflated prices
Once I laughed at the US military procurements
Now it has happened in the country

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