Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the white hair old man

The white hair old man
He got inspiration to get married
The affairs of the Hornbills
He can let it run

A man in his 70s
A woman in her 30s
The talk of the town
In the largest river flows

The white hair old man
He can't mourn any more
He wants a wife to massage his tiring bones
The nights he doesn't want to scream alone

The crocodiles floating in the river
Hungry for meals waiting for the fall
In the murky water the creatures wait
For the splashes of a catch

The Wikileaks of the East
The concerned people will not rest
They will plot and churn out reports
Of the white hair old man

Now he is occupied
On the affairs of the heart
This is where the chance to prevail
When guards are down

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