Friday, December 10, 2010

the pied pipers in town

The Pied Pipers in town
Blowing music capturing souls
The minds get addicted
The eyes glow with the gold

The make believe journey
The Pied Pipers play the music
Drawing out the mindless souls
Too much addiction they don't know

One Pied Piper screwed his own race
Telling them the supremacy and lord of the land
Feeding them with honey it isn't organic
Until the minds are clouded lazy on the take

One Pied Piper blowing hot and cold
Along the racial road crying crocodile tears
Joining the party getting no credits
Treating like novice no dignity prevail

One Pied Piper sings help on the ground
The displaced people still struggle to live
Born on the land no paper to tell
At the mercy of the honey coated words

The wagons rolling in
The market hear the siren
Displaying the wares
It is one sided way

The changing time
The evolving people's mind
They have known for decades
No more yesterday's fools

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