Friday, December 10, 2010

teach respect not racism

Collective fear stimulates herd instinct
They will go out to control their domination
Chasing out non-members to hold on their fort
Of imaginative rights within their controls

Racism breeds a group of weaklings
They don't see beyond their colors
They think they are the appointed ones
To rule the land as they wish

They forget where they came
Like the rest of the other races
From the land across the seas
Landed here searching for land and wealth

Toils and sacrifices
For the land they came to call home
In the good times and bad
Yet the weaklings fear

Breeding many
Spreading far and wide
Teaching the young
The falsehood of their rights

In history they forget
They came from across the seas
Searching for land, wealth and prosperity
Together with the other races

Arrogance of a race
In history they all collapsed and colonized
By the will of God so they will suffer and humiliated
It is best to share and enjoy peace on the land

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