Monday, December 06, 2010

deaths in police custody

police brutality outline
Men in blue
Women allegedly have no clues
Public funding shoot to kill
Giving the excuse “charging us with parangs”

No one is guilty
Until decided in the court of law
Now we had witnessed in reporting
The police shoot first before gathering information

The police become the prosecutor, judge and executioner
Any one whom they think are suspects will be gunned down
There will be no public hearing why it happened
For ameeno wants their services to marshall its control

The country, the wealth and her people
Police priority should maintain law and order
There shouldn't be any double standards
Too many have happened here dying in police custody

The Bee Anne government never takes action
IGPs dare to use ultimatum on the government
Forgetting their paychecks come from the public
From the government elected by the people

The rots have gone unchecked for years
Now we read 270 deaths in 10 years
It is a frightening statistics death in police custody
I know for a fact suspects usually got whacked in prison

I knew for I had friends in my kampong years
They were arrested publicly punched and kicked
In full view of the village people into the Black Maria
Until some guys challenged the police to a fight

We have seen how the police work
For the gathering of ameeno no police around
With the opposition hundreds police officers came
Condoning the roads and side roads

It's time to change
We can't be letting it happens every day
Change the government for a better tomorrow
Bee Anne has stayed its welcoming days

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