Friday, December 17, 2010

the window of change

window snow

By gustv
window snow

The man opens his room window
The morning sun bathing into his eyes
He tries to shield it by his hands
The morning glow up in the sky

The blue and white clouds
Dancing patterns in the sky
He halfheartedly opening his eyes
Wishing it will go away

Up high in his apartment
He sees a long line of procession
Walking silently in placards
“We want change; we want change!”

The police siren
The red trucks menacing wait
For the order to charge the walkers
In the morning bright blue sky

The siren sounds
The battle cries charged
The silent protestors run
Hiding taking breath

The peaceful walk of protest
It becomes a charge by the police
The sky never changes color
The shadows imprint on the march

The changing will come
They like it or not is out of their hands
The momentum has gone into high gear
A new history will be written

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