Thursday, December 23, 2010

married in civil law trial in civil law

When you are married in civil law
You should let the civil court decides
The merits of the battles in the family
Yet the judges refuse to hear.........
When one party converts into Muslim
Now everything must be tried under Syariah courts
It is the wrong approach to handle family matters
Back to the root where did the marriage start?
It is under civil law so it must be tried there
Why the civil court judge passing the buck?
The country isn't an Islamic nation
No syariah courts should over-helm civil courts
Now the non-Muslim parent can't be tried in syariah court
He or she isn't a party to a spouse conversion
Why the injustice trying in syariah court?
Even non-syariah lawyers aren't allowed to attend
Where is justice for the non-muslim spouse?
It is back to the root of their marriage
It is civil law so it should be tried there
It doesn't matter later one converts to Muslim
It is the marriage certificate
saying they were married in civil law

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