Tuesday, December 21, 2010

roti kaya

putrajaya malaysia

Roti Kaya on the prowl
He wants the work done
He doesn't want to slot
Playing his racial card game

It never works in this century
People have learned
They are clever now then before
For it is their lives they think

The politicians better think twice
Battling for the constituencies and votes
Bete noire of the rich and grandeur
Roti Kaya wants a part of the game

The Pied Piper he can't
The songs of bewitching tales
It isn't only the race track
The like of him forgets

The smaller parties
Focus the objective
It is the changing of guards
Better group together to survive

Splitting down the middle
Brewing games of dispute
Forgetting the agenda
Marching to Putrajaya

Roti Kaya and some new party leaders
In the old skin marketing as a new product
The Rakyat will be the judge
Will there be change in the end?

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