Wednesday, December 22, 2010

mclm what's the deal?

MCLM what's the deal?
Don't play like Perkasa
Coining words of civil liberties
For whom the bell toll?

People want change
With the march to Putrajaya
Enough has been said
The corruption and greed

Pakatan Rakyat gathering forces
For the battle of Waterloo
There shouldn't be any more distractions
So I say what's the deal?

3rd force marching in?
There is no deal with the people
The villagers will not understand
The majority of the votes through the villages

MCLM playing a spoiler job?
I wish the people behind it don't forget
It is the Ameeno we want to banish
Into the dustbin smelling its own vomit

Patience always win the race
MCLM hasn't learned the ropes
The reality of people's games
They want walls they can lean on it

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