Tuesday, December 07, 2010

the dark demon lord 2


The dark demon lord
He never wants to go away
He has taken control of your soul
You will be his slave

He will feed you with his drug
The money earned you spend on it
Even food and family you will forget
You are his calling until he takes your soul

The draw cards he lays out in the open
He doesn't hide his true calling.........
He only entices you to try and take a sip
He let you dream then you get hit

On his chart you will soar
Believing the world is all yours
The dreams floating by beautifully
When you are addicted he leaves you alone

Drinking alcohol hypertension and liver cirrhosis
Drinking alcohol leads to sexual impotency
Drinking alcohol causes drunk driving, disability or death
Drinking alcohol adverse health effects and family problems

Drinking alcohol bad role model for the young
Drinking alcohol leads to unconsciousness and even death
Drinking alcohol causing you to slur your speeches
Drinking alcohol turning into a bad mouthing person

The dark demon lord soars
Into the minds of the drinkers of alcohol
Taking their lives into his bag
You have it on the downward spiral

sources CAP Nov/Dec 2010

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