Thursday, December 16, 2010

up on the hill

arriving on the  hill
by haris abdul rahman

Arriving there
The changes of the hill
Of the photographs display
Use it to write the memories

Though the buildings stay familiar
The years I left the hill
The way it should be
The imprints stuck in my head

Many changes
The new structures and apartments
Puncak Inn overhauled renovations
The old just totally disappeared

The Mentakab Bungalow too
Now sit the apartments building
Maybe the wild boars too disappear
Of the changes hitting the hill

The cool weather may have changed
The climatic conditions up on the hill
The trees gave way to new developments
The misty breezy wind at night the whispering

The roundabout structures too
Now stand the clock tower
The flowers and plants bloom
The lives in the hill

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