Saturday, December 04, 2010

the federal constitution never says so

Religious laws
The throw back to the old
God is loving and compassionate
Will God punish children for straying?

PAS still dreams of hudud law
In it the clerics can control the masses
With the iron fist of Islamic law
Tampering with political ambition

Once you are caught
Things will not move in a fairer trial
Christians of 2 thousand years ago
They too persecuted the non-believers

How many died in the name of God?
It was actually in the name of paganism
Glorifying the leaders and church then
Until God punished them

Taliban too
Openly disgracing the Islamic values
A religion of peace and compassion
They make the people suffer untold miseries

The Saudis and her neighbours
They too mete it out harshly
When Iraq invaded the neighbours
US and her allies came to help

Else Saudis and her neighbours
Will bite the dust and suffer the cause
For God know children will stray
Laws given must be compassionate

Malaysia isn't ready for hudud laws
The Constitution never has agreed on Islamic country
Until the people have totally agree in their acceptances
Then the light will come

There are quite number of similar offenses
In civil and hudud laws
It was the harsh publicity
The people got frightened and disagreed

We have the civil law on punishment
Hudud law can be consigned to PAS dream
For the Federation has spelt it out clearly
This country isn't an Islamic nation

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