Friday, March 24, 2023

let there be no death penalty


Malaysia shouldn't have death penalty

She has to do away with it for good

No country can control the drugs menace

Because some are legal others illegal

Stop the supply stop the distribution

As long as there is a demand

The police have to work hard on it

We don't give life so we don't have take one

Singapore is strict on drugs

Even death penalty will not reduce the distribution

As the cases in Singapore have shown

There are addicts in Singapore

Cigarettes or tobacco is a drug

Once a person smokes it for a time

He will get hooked and needs to buy

Forget about food or drink but smoking can't

The drugs menace will stay

So many drugs legal and illegal

Let the culprits stay in prison

No need to have death penalty

It will be a sin

Whoever executes it

We don't create life

We have no rights to take one

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