Thursday, March 09, 2023

there should be no dress code at all


Anwar Ibrahim

Still sleeping on the dress code issue?

The public is getting annoyed

Even during the MO1 administration

His Cabinet made a ruling

But the ruling never followed through

The little napoleons make the rule

It is time Anwar makes his mark here

The dress code for the public

The little napoleons forget

They work for the people

Through the taxes the people pay

Don't they realize the people are the bosses?

Something must be seriously wrong in the civil service

The chief secretary must stay pro-active

Unless he doesn't read the news?

Anwar Ibrahim

As the Prime Minister he must show his way

No more nonsense from the little napoleons

Sack them if they refuse to follow instructions

Now don't blame the security guards

They may follow directive from the directors

This is the reason Anwar should take action

There should be no dress code at all

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