Friday, March 17, 2023

many pet owners will not play their role


The old woman and her dogs

The morning walk before the brilliant sun shines

Walking around the neighbourhood

She takes along plastics for the dogs poo

At any time the dogs do their business

On the road or in front of neighbour's home

The old woman will scoop it up with her plastic

Carrying on with her with her dogs

This is called civic consciousness

She knows it is her responsibility to do it

It is her dogs poo on the road

She doesn't walk away or pretend

Many pet owners will not play their role

They will ignore the animals' poo

They will think it isn't their responsibility

The animal shit on the road or fields

If every pet owners take responsibility

Many unaware public will not step on poo

We will not hear curses while they step on it

The pet owners mustn't forget their role

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