Wednesday, March 15, 2023

the old folks


The old folks

The light slowly turning to darkness

The time of their heydays are gone

Now in their twilight years

The children should bear the responsibilities

Take care of their aged parents

But we hear stories of them abandoned them

Leaving the old folks in tears and bewilderment

The old folks believe

Produce many children before they grow old

Hoping some children will take care of them

They don't believe they are abandoned

The working parents

Don't use up your EPF or other savings

Don't give it away without security

When they have nothing don't cry at all

We reap what we did before

Growing old expecting children to take care

The old folks should have their own nests

Don't hang on the children to help

The Senior Citizen Bill will be tabled

Why need to wait until next year?

It was mooted way back in 2022

It should be presented in 2023

The old folks

Some are lucky; some are in bad shape

Without finances to survive

The long darkness will come

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