Wednesday, March 29, 2023

crimes don't pay


She screams and shout

Eyes getting red with tears

In her addicted condition

She can't see the right or wrong

The pushers running away

They don't want to be seen

The woman screams like mad

The craving knocking her wild

The side hawkers stare

Nobody dares to help

In the back alley of a city

Life can be dropped like rain

The drug dealers smile

In their dens of luxurious living

Earning the easy blood money

They will say “money is power!”

The crazy woman runs

Eyes of red tears blow by the wind

The burning in her body

She isn't going to give way

Detectives running along

Trying to make head or tail

The woman knows the drug den

She hits it with all she has

As they say

Crimes don't pay

The explosion and fire

Catching up in the air

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