Tuesday, March 28, 2023

the Old Man better thinks twice


The Old Man rings up

Wanting to hit it high

He may fall on a trap

The Renaissance Man

will not apologize

The Old Man can file

A defamation suit in court

He better prepares to testify

The wealth he has or hidden

Don't play a tune “I forget”

The Renaissance Man

He may have all the records

He can dig it up during those years

We can sit and watch with pop-corns

It will be an interesting tale to tell

There is a book written

About the Old Man riches

The author claimed of US100 billion

The Old Man denied it all

Though he didn't open up his books

The Renaissance Man

He isn't afraid of legal suit

He has his numbers

otherwise he would stay quiet

The Old Man better thinks twice

Now the trap is laid

The Old Man catches in the trap

Even a rat will get caught

When greed of cheese his downfall

Let us watch and read with pop-corns

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